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Our Energetic Signature

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

During hurricane Isaias a couple of weeks ago, I was standing at my patio slider observing the beautiful maple tree at the side of my patio. As I gazed at this spectacular tree, a beautiful communion opened, and I found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into the energy of the tree. It was as if I was being invited to merge with this tree.

I felt overtaken in the most glorious of ways by the magnitude of this presence, the groundedness of energy opening deeply into the Earth's Core. And, I was taken by the enormous flexibility this tree demonstrated- in leaning with the hurricane winds and yet remaining fiercely centered and solid.

I found myself praising this gorgeous tree out loud, calling to her: "Ms. Tree!" Instantly, I heard- in a resoundingly loud voice deep inside me-and a "not-my-voice" voice- "Stella!"

Ah. This is the quality of her energy. It resonates with the energy of "Stella"- so she is Stella.

I would imagine the question arises:

Is this... extraordinary imagination...or perhaps...reality?

If everyone/everything truly is energy- which we are/it is- and we carry within us an identifying energetic signature of who we are- which we it not possible that this tree has an energy signature that matches with the energy of the name "Stella"? I shared this connection with a friend who has seen "my" tree. She said, "Of course. Her leaves are kind of star-shaped, aren't they." Stella...for star.

Our human default often seems to be to dismiss the unusual as not true or real.

What if, instead of doing that, we become curious and open and allow our deeper sensorium (our natural inner vision- clairvoyance, inner hearing- clairaudience, our deeper sensing/feeling/knowing)... to experience energy. The energy of tree, flower, rock, stream, mountain...squirrel, deer, bird...elephant, tiger, shark. Our animal family member. Human family member and other human beings.

How would they appear to us if we can be open to experience their deeper energetic signature? Would they announce who they are as names or qualities of energy, as images, sounds, or feelings, or as something else entirely?

Nature, animals, life...always waiting for us to meet them/it in deeper and more subtle ways. Always inviting us, waiting to gift us with some unexpected and beautiful expression.

As we are open....

In Love & Gratitude, Joanna


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