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One Great Family

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was catching up on some stories in the Good News Network newsletter. I found this story about mama dolphin and baby whale very moving... and quite significant.

Whether, according to the story, this mama dolphin lost her own calf or this whale calf lost their mother- or both. Or something else entirely occurred. What is so beautiful and poignant here is the conscious choice these two made to pair as mama and baby even though they are of two different species.

That they found each other and chose to go beyond the boundaries that we seem to think exist between species speaks to the deeper kind of connection that all living beings have with each other. And, it points to the kindness, empathy, compassion, and need inherent in all beings. Their example can help us see where the lines blur and even disappear as we open to the deeper connection and communion that is between us.

And... it is happening all around us. All the time. There are countless stories of animals of many species taking extraordinary leaps, going beyond those boundaries, challenging our perception of who they are and how they should be. Leaps that demonstrate without a doubt the complex nature of their inner experience, their understanding and wisdom, and the compassion they possess.

If we look, we may be able to discover this right in our own backyards. Or with our animal family members. It is all around us, always inviting us to step beyond the seeming differences between us into the place in which we all share this one life.

Enjoy this story.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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