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"Not Knowledge"

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

For meditation and for life

this... from Adyashanti

"Not Knowledge"

"'To come to the knowledge you have not,

you must go by the way you know not"

(quote from St. John of the Cross, brought forward in Adya's teaching)

"Drop the attachment to knowledge

If we need knowledge, it will be there

Who are you with no reference to the past?

How we bring preconceived thoughts/ideas into the present moment... this is not the present moment

Knowledge is from the past. We collect it in time. Then the past distorts the present.

If we have no history, the present moment is not conditioned by the past"

Imagine: being so completely in this moment, it's as if we have no past, no reference points

to our history that state that we are "this or that" or that life is "this or that".

When we are not bringing the past into the present as an overlay to the present, we can become a wide open living responsiveness in each moment of life... moved by life itself.

Imagine the freedom and freshness of each moment and what new knoweldge may arise.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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