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Never Giving Up

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

All life, all living beings, in our most Essential Nature… we are Love. We are born as Love, or, as some name it- as Spirit, God, Consciousness. It seems easiest for us humans to recognize this Essential Nature, this Love, in baby humans and baby animals.

Here is the story of Lucky Noodle. A cat who was born into the harshest of circumstances with almost impossible challenges. And yet he never forgot he is Love, never gave up on life or love.

We could call this story "Never Giving Up (on Love)" or "Seeing the Good in Everything."

Lucky Noodle had every reason to give up, but he never did. Things were rough for him when he was found living on his own outdoors. He couldn’t see at all, because his one eye was ulcerated and painful. His fur was matted, and since he couldn’t find enough food, his ribs and ip bones were visible under his scruffy coat.

Despite how bad he must have felt physically, though, Lucky Noodle was pure love. We will never know how he came to be alone, starving and blind, but it’s clear that at one point in his life, someone had cared about him.

He landed at Riverdale County Department of Animal Services shelter in California and then went to Best Friends in Los Angeles. There, veterinarians did surgery to remove his ulcerated eye, which would make him much more comfortable. Best Friend’s cat expert, Samantha Bell, took him home to foster him during his recovery and he thrived.

Samantha discovered that Lucky Noodle loved to be hugged and carried around like

a baby. In turn, he would purr and give gentle kisses. He played and wrestled with Samantha’s kitten, and afterward they cuddled up for naps. He learned where things

were in the house by feel, stepping carefully at first, then getting around, including jumping onto the couch, with confidence.

In no time at all, he was adopted. Now, Lucky Noodle is living his best life in his new home with a couple of other cats, two gentle cat-loving dogs and a family who adores him. All because he never gave up on love.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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