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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Mothering All Creatures

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Just a few days ago, we celebrated Mother's Day. A day that invites us to honor those who have been mothers

or grandmothers or mother figures in

our lives. And perhaps also honoring

the mother energy in ourselves as well.

Most people usually think of Mother's

Day only in terms of our relationship with our human mothers. If part of our family is animal-specied, we may begin to have a broader sense of what it means to be a mother

and to mother- no matter what age we are or what gender we are.

When an animal comes into our family, many of us find that the seeming species barrier begins to break down. Yes, they are... dog, cat, bird, horse, lizard. True to their species,

they are different from us in many ways. And- in many ways- they are similar to and

even the same as us. They move into our hearts and touch our souls often in profound

ways. Ways that open us into recognizing that in our multi-specied family, no matter

who the species is, we feel our deeply mothering nature with them.

This is not anthropomorphism. This is about relational energy. The relational energy between living beings who- ALL- at the very deepest level- are the same. ALL- are Spirit manifest in form, ALL- souls journeying through a life in a particular form. That we all

have bodies, minds, emotions, personalities- different as they may be. Mothering Love trespasses all those seeming differences and expresses itself in its purest form to all who

are in our sphere.

How many videos have you watched of one species of animal adopting another and loving that one as if they were their own? And don't we humans do the same. Mothering Love

is a deep natural impulse in all living beings, an expression of Unconditional Love: the Unconditional Love that we are. Animals help us discover the depth and breadth of the Mother Love in us and how it can freely love every being, no matter what species they repesent themselves as in this lifetime.

Aren't we so very fortunate?!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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