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More 2021 Healing Highlights!

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend, Here it is! The second of three newsletters focused on Healing Highlights of

Spirit to Spirit animals. I hope that you enjoy meeting all these precious beings

and reading their heart-warming stories. Thank you to everyone who wrote so beautifully about the healing journey that you and your animal beloved are on together. Wishing you deeply loving, connecting, and joyous holidays. In Gratitude & Love, Joanna

Wendy shares:

"Jimmy has been my velcro pup since the day we went to pick him up from the breeder. He flew into my arms from across the room when the breeder brought him to us. He knew he was to come with us before he even knew us.

He is a very happy pup full of energy. Things started to go downhill for Jimmy in October 2019 when he had his first pancreatic attack. He was in the ER for 4 days. Then he had 3 more flare-ups in the next 2 months. Each once getting worse with a longer time in the ER. They did not know if he would survive that last major flare-up. I did everything the vets told me to do. Fed him the prescription food and gave him all the meds.

He continued to have flare-ups for the next year and a half. We tried different prescription foods and even had a recipe "built" for him from a nutritionist vet. But he continued to have attacks. He eventually became diabetic and developed EPI from all the flare-ups. He even started to have seizures. After an MRI didn't show anything, they added yet another med and sent him home.

I was getting frustrated with the medical field and started to look elsewhere. Then a friend told me about Joanna and that felt right from the beginning. I had used animal communicators in the past and even took classes to learn. But I always felt they were just telling me what I wanted to hear. I thought I would give Joanna a try.

Jimmy started to attend healing Circles and had his own personal healing time with Joanna every week. Being with him every minute of every day, I did not see any changes at first. But my friends who only see Jimmy once in a while all started to mention how well Jimmy was looking and that he was acting like a puppy again. That is when I stepped back and noticed the changes in Jimmy. He was acting like a puppy again! His flare-ups were getting further apart with less severity. His coat was starting to get its shine back and he looked great for a 9 year old pup. No grey muzzle for this ole man.

Jimmy has had a rough few years with a lot of ups and downs. But with Joanna

helping Jimmy, he gets over his ailments so much quicker than a 9 year old Rottie

would normally. I can tell when he sees Joanna. He will be sleepy for a few hours

and then awakens with a burst of energy and a bounce in his step. I am so thankful

I was introduced to Joanna. She is letting us have our Jimmy for more time to love

and spoil him."

De's update

"Simon has changed since our session. Today he started sitting on my lap. He is there right now! It's as if he wanted to do this and our session yesterday gave him permission to do it. I am amazed at his transformation.

There are distinct changes in how he relates to me. First and foremost, he spends more time inside. And when he is outside and he's not ready to come in, I know he will come in when he's ready. Before I would try to corral him. Now he will come and sit in front of the patio door when he's ready. All I have to do is open the door and he comes in. He seems to know that we understand each other and spends more time being close to me.

Thank you from Sadie, Simon and me"

From Melinda

"Joanna was recommended to me over 20 years ago when my beloved Russian Blue cat Sai was having difficulty adjusting to a big move, expressing her discontent by peeing on a rug in my new apartment.

Sai and I shared a profound love, and through the years, Joanna came to the rescue many times by helping me understand this intensely sensitive being while offering deep energetic support to Sai. She helped Sai when I entered a new relationship, when we moved yet again, when the baby came, when a new kitten was introduced to the household, when the relationship ended, and she helped immeasurably when Sai was at the end of her life. At this point Sai was living in a walk-in closet off my bedroom. At night when I was in bed she’d emerge and lie on my chest, a portal to pure presence, we shared in such deep communion. I thought this was enough for her at that point in her life.

This was the scene during one particular call with Joanna in Sai’s waning days. Sai planted on my chest, communing, listening. I don’t remember the details of the call, but as soon as it ended, Sai jumped off the bed and walked down the stairs for the first time in months (maybe years), and she never went back into that closet. She staked out a place in front of the glass door that went to the backyard and that is where she spent the last weeks of her life.

Sai came into herself in such a powerful way after that call, embracing life even though death was imminent. She felt whole when she died and I’m forever grateful to Joanna

for supporting her soul in such powerful and meaningful ways, throughout her life but particularly in her dying. It freed us both, and what a gift that was."

Lydia reports

"He Bites!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I’ve had cats since I was two years old and NEVER EVER had one that bites! He is also crazy affectionate. I had tried everything and this beautiful, adorable, powder-puff soft, energetic, confident beast never backed down. Wow, that really blew my doors off. Who was this ten-pound guy with the humongous spirit and extremely sharp teeth? More importantly what happened to him or that he was afraid enough to try to protect himself?? What should I do – what could I do?

Lorenzo and I found each other in October of 2019. He was barely nine weeks old and was naturally in shock over his new surroundings moving from Florida to New York. We snuggled and played and he continued to be sweet and loving but also at times very aggressive.

That’s when one of my oldest and dearest friends told me to call Joanna. I was like “ok, she speaks cat so that’s gotta be good!” I called and Joanna taught us both to listen to each other and respect the space. Joanna taught me how to see what we already had.

Joanna showed me how to cherish every second of Lorenzo’s affection and let him have the space he needs. Who’d have thought some of it was my issue? I’m no longer “up his business” all the time and in return, he doesn’t feel the need to be quite so ferociously engaged. I guess we’ve both mellowed. Lorenzo still goes for me but not that often and when he does it’s much gentler and playful. I’m just lucky that I have a tremendously smart cat, friend, and guide. I am grateful and thankful."

Kim shares

"My sweet angel boy Zac, has been a member of Joanna’s Circle healings for the past several years. He became a monthly member after his brother Eli passed in 2019. I have sought out Joanna’s support at that time to help Zac (and me) through his grieving process of Eli (I had the honor to share Zac and Eli’s story as brothers last year in Joanna’s newsletter).

Over the past few years I’ve noticed Zac has become more and more affectionate and vocal too. I attribute these changes in him as a result of embodying more of his beautiful, bright soul due the energy healing he has received from Circle healings and from being in community with other animal allies.

At the age of 14, Zac has suddenly become a lap cat, after many years of not being able

to tolerate much physical contact. Over the past six months, Zac has also begun sleeping above my head throughout the night. I have imagined our souls traveling together as we enter into the subtler dimensions of sleep. Then in the morning he often has much to share through his persistent meowing!

I’ve learned to listen to him and honor his way of imparting his wisdom. I receive his sharing as a blessing and his way of expressing his love. I named Zac after the angel Zacharael, which means “the remembrance of God”. I honor our soul bond and his path of embodying all of who he is as a divine messenger – an angel - helping me to awaken and remember."


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