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Miraculous 5!

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Everyone in the Spirit to Spirit community knows Gijo. His mom Barbara always posts an update on her boy in the Heaing Highlights newsletter in December. And every April, we celebrate the anniversary of when we began healings together with another update.

Gijo is now 18 years old! and is living a gentle life with his mom near the beaches of Rhode Island.

Here's what Barbara shares on Gijo's 5th anniversary of healing.

"He's still here!!!

It’s been five years since Gijo, my sweet boy cat, was diagnosed with Intestinal Cancer along with his brother & littermate Mojo. They received only steroids, special food & a probiotic, oh yeah and Healings with Joanna.

I am regularly shaking my head, wondering at the fact Gijo is still here with me. We lost Mojo 4 years ago in July. Gijo has slowed down a bit and sleeps a lot, and he’s not done yet. As I write this he is sitting on my desk head butting me and looking for attention.

Joanna’s healings are a highlight in his day. The difference in Gijo after a healing is palpable. He has stayed with me through the last two difficult years of isolation and has shown little appetite for departing anytime soon.

I am so blessed to have him still with me. I am grateful for any additional time he’s willing to give me- and I am grateful for Joanna."


We celebrate your grand achievement in life!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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