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Making Sense

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

With a tender heart, let us welcome in the energy of this new year. A welcome that gently includes all that continues to be challenging and gives space for the new life that is always emerging.

And what makes sense at this unusual time... perhaps it's the sweet guidance of this offering from Carrie Newcomer entitled

"Making Sense."

Finding what makes sense

In senseless time

Takes grounding myself

Sometimes quite literallly,

In the ancient patterns

Of the living world,

Water and stone, animal and tree.

In the layers of soil

Faithfully recreating itself

Year after year,

Leaf atop leaf.

It takes steadying myself

Upon shale and clay and solid rock

Swearing allegiance to an ageless aquifer

Betting on all the hidden springs.

When so much is unsure

I can believe in a tree.

Trust its broad-leafed perspective,

Dedicated to breathing in, and then out.

Reaching down and then up.

When much feels without reason

I reach out for a strong trunk

Where I can lay my hands

Or rest my back

And abide for a while between

Its splayed and mossy feet.

I can trust a tree’s careful

And drawn out

Way of speaking

One thoughtful sentence

Covering the span of many seasons.

A tree doesn’t hurry.

A tree doesn’t lie.

It knows how to stand true to itself.

Unselfconscious of its beauty and scars,

All the physical signs of where and when

It needed to bend

Rather than break.

A tree stands alone and yet in deepest communion.

For in the gathering of the many,

There is comfort and courage,

Perseverance and protection,

From the storms that howl down from predictable

Or unexplainable directions.

In a senseless time

I hold close to what never stopped

Making sense.

Like love

Like trees

Like how a seed becomes a sapling,

And a sapling becomes a canopy of branches.

Like the scent at the very top of an infant’s head

Because there is nothing more right than that.


It is all still happening.

Even now.

Even now.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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