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Love Is Love

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It is easy for us- human beings- to experience great love with our animal family members. Most often they are dogs, cats, horses, birds, guineas. Sometimes they are farm animals, reptiles, and other beings. We can see that these animals form attachments to us and feel great love for us and for other animals in our home as well.

It may be a stretch to consider the depth of connection and love that animals with whom we are less familiar have for each other. Unless we live on a farm, we may not know how deeply those we call farm animals think, feel, and love.

Look at the profound connection and deep love that Shrimp the rooster has for his chicken girl Basil. His sweet and tender love, care, and devotion are palpable in this video.

After all, love is love, isn't it.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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