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A Vessel for Healing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

On Easter Sunday, I joined nearly 3 million people from all over the globe to listen to Andrea Bocelli sing at the Duomo in Milan.

A solitary man. Standing in the magnificence of the Duomo.

An organist safe distanced from him. Other worldly sound in praise of the Divine flowing through him. The exquisite pain and beauty of the human condition stunningly held in each note.

After 25 minutes, he walked outside and stood in front of the Duomo and sang Amazing Grace as images appeared on a screen- of Milan, London, Paris, New York City, all empty of human beings.

Something burst open inside and flooded through me. Deep sobs shook my body and tears poured down my face. In the enormous waves of emotion, it became clear to me: some of these feelings/energy were mine, personally. And, some of them were "not mine". Something much greater was moving through me.

This was the energy of sadness, grief, hardship, loss, death- the pain and suffering of the world that wanted release. Energy that we human beings carry in us today as we have through all time. Generational, through our lineages and collective human history. Some of the energy, of course, is associated with what we are experiencing today. But much of it is our energy history. And it is not only about human beings, but about all beings.

As dramatically as the waves of emotion/energy began, they ended. The tears, the sobbing suddenly stopped. Tremendous spaciousness and deep stillness filled me. Peace, calm, lightness- and yes, joy- flooded through me. And, simultaneously, emanated out into the world.

When we allow energy to move through us, without restriction, we become a vessel for healing. When we become aware that our experience in life is not just personal but collective and universal, we become a conscious vessel for greater healing.

As a vessel for personal healing, we can allow space for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy to move through and clear. And, as a vessel for greater healing, we can offer space for the energy of life to free itself- for humankind, for all beings, for life on Earth.

Through being a conscious vessel of healing, the exquisite beauty of Life in its freest expression can radiate more directly into the world. We have now become a healing space for all those who connect with us. A space in which new possibility can arise.

Something we are on the cusp of right now in this deeply opening time.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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