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Life Becoming

Spring greetings to Spirit to Spirit friends!

For those of us who experience a very distinct change in seasons, the approach of spring- as we're feeling it now here in the Northeast- is filled with big, beautiful, anticipatory energy.

We see and hear it in the birds first. In their return to their home territory, they shower us in their brilliant life force energy, singing songs that seem to scream with joy and excitement. Excitement for new life, for new possibilities.  

We can feel it in their sounds and songs, in the way they fly from tree to tree saying hello to everyone and everywhere and everything, seeking out the next conversation. An absolute thrill in "being", in exploring life's next moment. A wide-open "looking forward to" in joyful anticipation of the becoming that is happening.

There is no hesitation. No wondering "if." It is an absolute diving into life. 

Can we take in this beautiful teaching, this message from our winged brothers and sisters.

Can we follow their lead and jump into spring, into life, with that wide-open thrill in the moment attitude, that meeting life in wonderment stance.

If we can, does something become possible that we may have otherwise missed- in our lives with our family members, animals and humans. And in our lives in the world. 

It is spring. Here it is. It is life. An opportunity to dive in wholeheartedly- like the birds!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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