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Is It Possible To Love More?

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Just the other day, my sweet beloved Jaya was snuggling deeply in my lap, cat napping in the most purrful way. I found myself feeling overwhelmed with love for him, massively in love with this amazing being. Personal love, Greater Love, flooded my heart and soul. In that moment, this felt like the greatest love I had ever felt or could ever feel.

And yet. I remember having this same exact feeling with each of my animal beloveds before Jaya. Taj, Peter, Bodhi, Shiva, Shanti and all the precious ones who have blessed me with their love.

Is it possible that we actually can feel greater love the animal family member who is with us now... greater than what we felt with the ones who were with us before?

The beauty in sharing life with animals is that they open our capacity to feel and experience love. Not only the kind of personal/emotional love we are used to in our relationships- but Greater Love- the Unconditional Love we are all made of, that is the fabric of all creation. Animals are masterful at awakening the Unconditional Love that is our Core.

And so... as we open to each animal beloved who is with us and allow them to touch us in

our Core, our capacity to know Love, feel Love, be Love will grow exponentially... and we

will come to share greater and greater expressions of that Love.

If we are open to the one who is in front of us right now, and let ourselves feel what is beyond personality and all those sweet things of the physical, we may find ourselves bursting open into the Deepest Love that has no bounds.

And no. We will never lose the sacred, profound, and precious Love we have for our animal beloveds who have been with us previously in our lives. And- we may find that as we allow our animal beloved who is with us today to call forth the even Greater Love deep within us, our hearts and souls may overflow with Love so big and so unexpected.... we will be utterly surprised.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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