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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Intuitive Connection

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was having a conversation with a friend about her German Shepherd family member who has several

breed-related health issues. She told

me how her pup does these very big stretches. Her feeling is that he is

trying to release the tightness in his stomach and intestines due to a past bloat and stomach flip.

She asked: "Why doesn't he show me what's going on so I know what to do for him?"

Which is what we all seem to ask when it comes to the health of our animal family

members. And yet, the answer is frequently right here- he is showing her, they are

often showing us what they are feeling. Her inner sense was picking up on what her

pup was really trying to do in those stretches.

We humans seem to have a wish/expectation of receiving information in such a specific

way that we "know for certain" what is going on. The clues are often more subtle, less

direct, and yet sometimes right here in the moment.

We who adore our animal family members know them extremely well. We know what

their balanced normal is... and what it is not. Perhaps our learning curve as the human

family member and guardian of our beloved is to trust our intuitive sense that is naturally

in attunement with our animal in those more subtle ways.

As we know. Our animal family members are masters of balance and when they feel that something is "off", they balance in the best way that they can for as long as they can. Oftentimes we don't see in obvious ways that there is an issue until something has gone beyond their capacity to balance in themselves. Being in intuitive connection can help us sense an "offness" that might not be readily apparent but may need attention.

And, it is good for us to notice when our animal is offering a clue that our intuitive sense

can feel into. Like this pup giving his mom a sense of what his stretching is trying to alleviate. Also good is that we have many wonderful kinds of support available for our beloved when balance isn't optimal. From traditional veterinary care to spiritual healing and deeper communication, from altenative veterinary care to acupuncture and Reiki, to herbs and nutritionals... and more.

As our intuitive connection with our animal beloved grows, we'll feel more comfortable and confident in trusting that deeper sense to help us become more aware of the subtleties of

our animal's life and health. We'll be able to sense/feel what our animal family member is showing us more easily. A beautiful- and natural- connection for us and for our animal beloved to explore together.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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