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In Presence With

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

A beautiful sharing about what it is to come into deeper connection, deeper presence with one of another species.

To be in alignment with and listen...

and respond in a way that honors both.

"Horse Talk" by Sean Winn

On difficult days, I head down

to the barn and whistle for Elvis.

My horse knows his name,

or at least knows what I call him

and has decided to go along with it.

I’ve learned some horse-speak too,

his different whinnies — nervousness,

curiosity, where’ve you been.

Some of it’s sign language —

flared nostrils, a jerky head.

Some days Elvis is cranky

and doesn’t want to be ridden.

I get that. We talk about it

and sometimes he changes

his mind. Sometimes he doesn’t.

On those days, I usually just

brush him and tell him a story.

He seems to like it. So do I.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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