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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

In Gratitude

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The holiday season seems to invite us to take more time to notice all those who are in our lives. To reflect on the love and appreciation we have for them. All those in our lives, human beings and all other species of beings. Those who intimately share our lives, those whom we see day to day, those we connect with more briefly, as well as those who pass us at the distance.

With our animal family members, it is so easy to feel the great love we have for them. How much they mean to us, how much they enrich our lives. We know what a gift, what blessing it is to be family with our feathery one, our furry one, or with the one who has hair or scales.

Yet, do we take time to express the profound gratitude we have for our animals.

Gratitude that we have found each other in this world of billions of possibilities. That we get to experience a kind of intimacy like no other because our animal chooses to open to us in such a deep way. Gratitude that s/he allows us to be "the one" in his/her life, the one with whom s/he can express greatest love and joy. Gratitude that we have chosen each other as soul partner, soul mate, soul traveler in this journey called life.

Such deep gratitude that we feel, always, but sometimes forget to name. May today be the day when we name- out loud- for our animal family member to hear: the extraordinary depth of the gratitude we feel for the one who is looking into our eyes with such love and trust. Gratitude beyond words, gratitude that only the heart and soul can speak.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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