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In An Emergency

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

One of the most frightening moments in our lives is when our animal family member has a medical emergency. We find ourselves anxious and frightened, often times not knowing if what is going on is critical, somewhat serious, or simply disturbing to our animal.

An urgency/emergency situation requires that we be grounded and present so that we can make clear right choices on behalf of our animal beloved. Since our animal family member takes energetic cues from us, the more we can be a stable center in ourselves, the better we- and they- will be able to walk through a high stress difficult situation.

How do we find our center when we are feeling so stressed and afraid?

There are some simple things we do.

1. Feeling our feet on the ground. Literally. A common reaction human beings have when frightened is that our energy races up out of our feet- out of our ground- and pools

in our head. We can then feel overwhelmed and become confused and unclear in our thinking. Feeling feet on the ground can help us stabilize our energy.

2. Breathing into the low belly. When we feel nervous or afraid, our breath often becomes short and high in the chest, often increasing heart rate and the sense of panic. Breathing in and out of the low belly can help shift our energy and calm us.

3. Letting emotions wash through us. As we allow energy to move through us- even strong emotions- we will feel more present and grounded. It can help to say out loud to

our animal beloved- "I- mommy/daddy- am feeling frightened. It's okay. These are my emotions and they are moving through me." Our animal family member can relax and

not take on our emotions or try to take care of us.

4. Being a container of support. As we ground, breathe and allow the flow, we become a strong and solid energetic container in which our animal can feel deeply held.

Even though it can be challenging to remember even simple steps in an extreme situation, place these words in your memory banks for recall should you ever need them:

Grounding, breathing, flowing, supporting

These (seeming) small actions will have enormous impact on how you feel in the midst of a crisis and help you support your animal family member in a strong and centered way.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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