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I Hear You Frogs

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

What is the most thrilling sound announcing the arrival of spring? Why the peepers of course! Those tiny tree frogs whose tremendous voices, whose glorious mating calls, capture the spring evenings. And the peeps always know exactly when it is truly spring.

I Hear You, Frogs

I hear you, frogs-

I’m listening to every word of your boisterous conversation down there,

down where the dark thread of water

weaves its way through the cattail stands

and the huge mounds of swamp grass.

I hear your joyful noise,

flinging your calls up the side of this hill I’ve climbed,

to bathe myself in the wash of moonlight

that is drenching down on us.

What are you all so excited about-

Is it the starlight sprinkled between those tree boughs overhead,

or the melting mildness of this dark April evening?

Surely some of you are ecstatic about the silver light

flooding all over your shadowy water world!

Or are you just, like me, totally in love

with this wondrous spring night?

Linda, C. Seifried, 2009

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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