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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

How Do They Know?

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Have you ever been just about to say something to your animal family member- and you see him/her staring at you with knowing eyes as if to say "I already got what you're going to say."

It can be an eerie feeling sensing that your animal may already know. And, actually, s/he does. How? How can your animal family member know what you are thinking and feeling before you have fully formed the words or felt the emotion yourself?

This "already knowing" speaks to the deeper connection, deeper communication that we- all living beings- have with each other. It is not mysterious or magical. It is simply what is always occurring on subtle levels in our relationship- on the energetic level of the relationship.

The essence of who and what we all are- humans and animals and all "things" of this earth- is energetic in nature. We are energy- multiple frequencies of energy- manifest in form. Our primary relationship with each other and all life is energetic.

This intuitive/subtle/energetic sensing is our first connection, our primary language, and it always precedes as well as expresses through words/sounds/movements. Energetic communication is always occurring prior to and "underneath" all outer ways in which we communicate.

So, when your animal family looks at you with that knowing stare as you are about to say something, recognize that you have already shared the energy of what you are going to say before your words take form.

As you become aware of and more adept in sensing your own energetic expression, your relationship with your animal family members- and all beings- can expand in unexpected ways. You'll be "speaking" the primary language with your beloved. And, you'll begin to sense, to "know" what your animal is about to communicate before s/he gives you any outer signals.

This is the beauty of our lives with animals. Endless opportunities for us- and for them- to open in deeper ways, just by being together and paying attention to the subtle energy of our original connection.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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