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Healing Our Connection

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was looking through files I had saved in my documents and was taken in by the first line of this piece. I didn't make a notation of the author so bowing to whomever this is. It feels very relevant given the the depth and breadth of healing needed personally and collectively in our world.

"When we find the unintegrated past in our ancestral line, we actually generate more presence for ourselves and for how we approach our current challenges.

And that's why healing our roots is basically healing our connection to the planet––our connection to the wisdom of our ancestors.

We want to harvest the fruits of our ancestors because that's living wisdom, life's wisdom, because for thousands of years people experienced life and they got hurt and they healed and they learned things, they were innovative, and they brought forth new solutions."

Healing our roots, healing our connection through our lineage opens the energy of life.

As we meet whatever is unintegrated in our past- which is not truly "past" but of the same energetic contiuum as present and future- life energy can flow freely and will be felt directly in our present moment experience and in all of our relationships and connections.

A true blessing and gift, not only for ourselves, but for all living beings of this time/all time and our planet.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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