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Happy 3rd Anniversary Gijo!

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Today we are celebrating. Gijo's 3rd anniversary of living well! (with a very serious diagnosis). Our party hats are on, balloons everywhere, we have virtual treats in our hands for this amazing feline.

We missed his actual celebration month- May (sorry Gi!). Each year in May, Barbara would update us on her incredible boy.

As you may remember from last year's update, Barbara and Gijo were able to move to their retirement home by the ocean, something Barbara never expected to be able to do in Gijo's lifetime. They are happily enjoying those ocean breezes!

Here is Gijo's 2020 update.

Gijo the wonder cat

"My sweet male Bengal's official name is Guermillo- which roughly translates to William in English. Gijo is the equivalent of Billy. He lived most of his life with his litter mate and brother Mojo. We lost Mojo two years ago (to the same disease).

Gijo is facing some of the same physical challenges as Mojo, but he is a survivor. It's been 3 years and 4 months since he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. His only treatments have been a steroid, prescription food, and Joanna. He has been communing with Joanna for 3 years.

Early this year, when Covid started, I was very concerned about Gijo. He seemed to be losing weight, he was not his lovely self and he spent a lot of time sleeping. Joanna agreed to see him more often and I could see the change immediately. He has really rallied!

I believe that in the Circles (of Healing) he has a sense of purpose, helping other animals deal with changes in their bodies. Often in his private healing sessions his buddies from the Circles show up to support him.

Gijo turned 16 in November and currently shows a few signs of slowing down. And, we call him "Gijo the Wonder Cat" or "Supercat" . Joanna has even asked is he had a cape!

He has been my rock since February when sometimes he is the only soul I see in a day. He's always ready for a cuddle or to talk to me. I am eternally grateful to Joanna for that!"

Our Spirit to Spirit community joins with you Barbara in celebrating your boy. We are so happy for him and for you- being able to continue to share your lives together.

And, Gijo is a brilliant "poster feline" for the possibilities that can unfold through

spiritual healing. You go Gijo!

We love you!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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