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Giving Ourselves Permission

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was sitting in a guided meditation offered by meditation teacher Jeff Carreira. His instruction

was to be simply this:

"Totally physically relaxed. Totally mentally blank. Totally emotionally at ease."

Sounds easy in principle, yes? And yet how much body tension do we hold, how busy are our minds, how stimulated are our emotions? How challenging does it feel to relax all of this.

If we come to meditation in soft intention and with

a willingness to simply follow the instructions, something in us can let go. It's as if we are giving ourselves permission... to simply be, to surrender into a relaxation that is already there, a quiet that is always deep inside us.

The act of being in soft intention with the instruction can support us in shifting our energy in very palpable ways. Even if we feel as if we didn't "succeed" in the practice. Or even if we feel we did succeed but only for a few minutes

Imagine... giving ourselves this kind of permission in our daily lives. Taking a moment here and there to just stop. Invite our body to relax- gently. Our mind to be quiet- softly. Our emotions to rest- easefully.

In giving ourselves permission to soften and let go, we are sending a different message to our entire body/mind energy system. Even if it is only for a very short time, the ceasing of the pattern of busy-ness can dramatically impact how we feel. Our level of easefulness will increase and our level of presence will deepen.

We need only remember to give ourselves permission... give ourselves the gift of a soft letting go. How we are in ourselves and engage in life will begin to feel more gentle and flowing.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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