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Gijo's 2nd Anniversary

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Perhaps you remember. One year ago, Gijo and his brother Mojo were highlighted in the newsletter. Barbara had written in sharing the beautiful story of how both boys were living well with intestinal cancer and were celebrating their one year anniversary. A remarkable story of healing since the boys' primary healing support is spiritual healing. Since that time, Mojo has passed and Gijo is continuing to live in balance and well being enjoying every moment of his life. Here is what Barbara shares today:

"Gijo, my beautiful brown spotted Bengal cat, turned 15 last October. About two years ago, he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer along with his litter mate Mojo. We put them on prednisone so that they could put on some weight- and some supplements, but no other medical intervention.

Then I found Joanna. She has worked with me and the cats on a weekly basis ever since.

We lost Mojo last July, but he was pretty happy and well until the end. She worked with Gijo and me to help us deal with Mojo's departure and he still shows up in Gijo's sessions from time to time.

Gijo is energetic at times, asks to play, and is still eating well- two years later. I don't think that would be the case without his Joanna and the Circles and his other Circle animal pals. If he's had a sleepy week, after the session, he is a 'new' cat.

Thank you Joanna- you have given me the precious gift of time with both of my boys."

Barbara told me just the other day that she and Gijo are going to be moving permanently to their vacation/retirement home near the water in a couple of months, earlier than she had planned. She never expected that Gijo would live to make this move with her and she wants to do it now since Gijo loves it there so much.

Isn't this just wonderful?!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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