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From One Heart

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

A dear friend of mine recently lost her feline beloved. Needless to say, her heart was very tender. Before she came to visit me, I sat down with my precious felines, Jaya and Taj, and told them about the passing of this sweet girl and how her Mom was deeply mourning. Although, of course, they already knew- knew from hearing me in conversation, knew from feeling the energy of what had happened- I wanted to speak with them directly about my friend and her emotional vulnerability.

Jaya and Taj are beautiful and remarkable beings in every way and wonderful siblings to each other. Taj is an extremely loving and affectionate being. Highly intelligent, bold in many ways and exquisitely sensitive to energy- a deep soul radiating enormous Light. She does tend to be shy when people come to the home- even with people she knows well. Upon their arrival, she will remove herself to her sanctuary- the bedroom closet- for a while and take her time coming out to say hello and spread her gorgeous Tajness around.

When my friend arrived, she immediately went to say hello to Jaya and Taj. Taj was asleep on my office desk and my friend sat down in the desk chair to stroke her. Instantly, Taj jumped up and climbed into her lap. She hunkered deeply down, purring wildly, in healing and love. She remained glued to my friend's lap for 20 minutes. My friend was deeply moved by her act of compassion and I could feel her heart being sweetly touched by Taj's healing presence.

From her heart and soul to my friend's. Taj knew how she was feeling, how in need of feline comfort and healing she was. And she choose to come forward give my friend everything that she possibly could. She knew what was needed, what would help. She enveloped my friend in compassion, love, kindness, care and the deepest healing she possibly could.

It was truly something to behold.

The most beautiful thing is this.It is not just Taj who can and will express love and healing in this way. If we give animals the opportunity to share who they truly are, open the space for them to follow what their hearts and souls guide them to do, and be receptive....they will shower us in the depth of their awareness and understanding, their kindness and compassion, and their healing presence. They will help us step beyond our often fixed images of who we think they are and walk us into a world in which interspecies relationships of exquisite depth and beauty are the norm.

We are all opening to that day, to that time in our evolution when we will be with each other in loving relationship with no barrier. When we will talk and listen and express and love and share in life without the boundaries of speciesism. When we will see, know and feel who each one is...and s/he will feel us in the depth of who we are...and we will share in this life on earth freely and in great kindness and respect for all.

This day is coming soon.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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