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Five's Miraculous Healing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

About 3 months ago, my friend Melanie texted me. Her friend Lauren, who was offering the shelter of her basement to two feral cats, noticed that one of them was missing half the skin on his back, all the way down to the muscle. They were able to safeguard him in a humane trap and they took him to the vet. They named him Five.

When the vet saw the extent of the injury, he advised euthanasia right away. The injury was so massive and so deep that Five would need major surgery, a skin graft, and intensive follow-up treatment. Five was a true feral, he wasn't willing to accept touch of any kind let alone medical treatment. He was FIV+ (immune compromised) and would most likely heal very slowly if at all. And, he was a rabies risk since the injury was of unknown origin (our sense was that it was a hawk that grabbed him).

Melanie asked me if I would give Five healings. I offered right away and thankfully Five agreed and allowed me to. Within 48 hours, the vet had changed his mind- no surgery and no skin graft were needed as the wound was beginning to show signs of healing. Five was moved into a kennel in Lauren's laundry room and there his healing truly began.

I offered Five healing almost every day, individual and in Circles, for the first two and half months. We included homeopathic treatment in his protocol., a few Reiki sessions, and an occasional supplement. Five began to open more energetically and take his place as an integral part of the Spirit to Spirit healing community. Each day he allowed me to be with him a little more deeply. Day by day, little by little, his wound began to shrink and the skin began to close around the wound.

Three months later: Five's wound is healed. Only the fur needs to grow in fully. And last week, Five stepped out of the kennel and back into his life in his community.

It took a team of wonderful human beings to help this young one- all recognizing the preciousness of this one being, this one life. I am moved that Five trusted me energetically and allowed me to support him though healing. He knew, really knew, that we were helping him. For that, I bow to Five, I am ever grateful.

From Melanie's Facebook post:

"One rock solid supporter and healing partner was Joanna. She was with us every single day through the healing of this wound. The Spirit of Five was healed with love, care and respect, with the dignity and compassion in Joanna's heart. Your service to this boy has been unwavering and the gratitude we feel is hard to express in words. He could not have possibly lived through this healing process as well as he has without your steady presence every single day."

Thank you Melanie. It was my honor to assist Five in his healing. That he is able to live his life again as he chooses brings me great joy.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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