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Fish Connection

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Have you ever experienced a personal connection with a fish or other sea creature? Most people- including animal lovers- would not entertain this possibility unless it's with a sea mammal like a dolphin or whale. Most people feel that fish are not animals, are not sentient, and don't have the capacity for relationship. Especially not with humans.

Here is a man who proves otherwise.

A scuba diver has forged an unlikely bond with a wild fish and the pair meet up every summer beneath the waves for a reunion.

Rex Colubra made friends with the small mouth bass while on a fresh water dive in September 2021.

The odd encounter ended with the 40-year-old naming the fish Elvis.

According to the diver, the pair now see each other every year when Rex travels back to the Wisconsin lake where Elvis lives.

If you have any doubts about the validity of this claim, watch the video below and you might be persuaded.

The 40-year-old print-shop worker says he taught Elvis a specific call, to which it will respond.

“I will do a gulping grunt sound with my throat and he’ll come find me.”

He also claims his little ‘friend’ gets jealous if other fish come around. “Elvis will literally just fight other fish if they get too close to me to keep them away.”

Speaking about their first encounter, Rex recalled, “It was like any other dive. I was checking out a new spot and all these fish where coming up to me. I noticed one was sticking closer than the rest. He wasn’t scared even when I got out. He stuck close to the surface in the shallows.”

Two weeks later, Rex returned and said the fish recognized him and approached him. Elvis is recognizable because of a scar on his face, most likely from being caught and released by a fisherman.

“I returned and fed him some crawfish. Now, he’s completely obsessed with me. He follows me around and just stares me in the eyes.”

Rex never reveals which lake he goes to, so he can protect the bass from fishermen. Since the two met, there have been a couple of scares. Last year, it took Rex a while to find Elvis and he feared he had died.

“It’s the risk he runs every year,” added the diver, who doesn’t approve of competitive fishing done for sport alone.

“Of course I would be sad if he had been caught. He is my friend.”

Click here to watch this amazing video.

And. Before you start (or end) your day. Just as I was about to send out this newsletter, this sweet video appeared. It's about the rescue of a sick goldfish and the journey of healing that opens beautiful connections. Click here to view.

May we open to the possibility of relationship with others who may be very different from us. And, when we have the opportunity, seek out connection with the beings of the water world in all their magnificent forms, shapes, and sizes.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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