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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Ever New

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

As we round the corner into the New Year, we often make resolutions. Our way of letting go of the old and beginning afresh. We often set resolutions about goals we want to achieve, ways in which we want to be different.

Instead of resolutions, what if we could ease into the true new beginning, the one we are offered in each moment of life. The opportunity to be "ever new"- to meet this moment without preconceptions, assumptions, concepts, prejudices. Meet each moment as a fresh, new, a "never been" moment. As our animal family members, as all animals do.

Imagine saying good morning to your animal beloved in that kind of openness, availability, curiosity, innocence. Meeting your beautiful, wide open energy beloved in fur or feathers or hair or scales, wondering..... who is this being in front of me in all of his/her beauty? What will s/he communicate with me? How will we share this moment?

And, walking into life, simply, easily, gently. What would life be like if we all are "ever new" to each other and each moment of life is its own "never been" uniqueness. Something to ponder, as we bow to the release of what has been and open to what will be.

May this ever new beginning be one of immense Love and Light for you and all your family members.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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