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Each Tiny Being

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was walking up the front steps of my house yesterday. There he was on a step right in front of me. A black hornet. It was late afternoon, the sun was shining brightly, and the evening chill was settling in. He was moving very slowly, almost imperceptibly.

I stopped, taking in this tiny creature. I know that many would say- "he's just a hornet, he is born out of season, he's going to die anyway so let him die." And yet, there he is, on the path in front of me, literally. I am the one who is aware of him, I am the witness to his life and to his plight.

In this moment, the power of choice about this tiny being's life is mine. Our destinies are linked, he and I. Although I cannot perhaps fully appreciate what this insect's life may mean to him, what is clear is that all living beings want their lives. All want to live.

In this moment, making it possible for one tiny being to have his life even if only for a short time felt like the most important thing in the universe. I felt an overwhelming flood of Love, Greater Love, wash through me as the choiceless choice became imminently clear.

So I found a sturdy leaf and invited him to grab on. Which he did. I took him inside my house and got him settled in a safe corner in the downstairs hallway. I went outside and found some fresh weeds and grass and brought them in for him. His energy perked up as he sensed the grasses and he moved himself onto them.

I left him for a while. And checked on him as the evening went on. He was settled on the grasses, his energy felt good, he seemed content in his little nook.

In the morning, when I went downstairs, he was nowhere to be seen. I checked all the corners....and he was simply....gone.

The preciousness of life. Each and every life. No matter how large or small a creature is. And, when we can, assisting one in living his/her life to the fullest, ensuring that beings of every shape and size have the opportunity to live.

It may seem like a small thing, helping one hornet in this one brief moment in time. Like nothing significant. And, really, truly, isn't it everything. Embracing that we all are connected and that life is precious to all. Acting on it when we can.

It is a gift not only to the individual but to all life. It opens us to the energy of Greater Love- That from which we are created and That which animates us- and allows Love a vessel of expression through us into this world. The energy of Love that can touch not only the one but all in profound and unexpected ways.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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