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Doorway To Healing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Last week, I was in session with a wonderful canine client (we'll call him "Zee") and his devoted person. Zee had an accident and a serious injury: a two-bone break in his leg that required major surgery. As we were going through Zee's history, it was stunning to notice that Zee had almost the identical accident and injury two years prior.

Most of the time, if we experience a situation in our lives that repeats itself- a challenge within ourselves, in our family, in relationships, with our animals, at work... accidents, injuries, illness... the interpretation we most frequently make is that something is "wrong". That we (or others) have done/not done something that has created this event that is now an ongoing problem. We see ourselves as a victim, stuck in a pattern and we often hear ourselves saying things like "this always happens to my life."

There is another way- a deeper way of looking at repeating patterns. Of looking at what a "repeat" in life actually represents- and how it can be an opportunity for healing.

In exploring more deeply with Zee and his person, what became radiantly clear was that this nearly identical life situation is a doorway- a doorway to becoming aware of, witnessing, opening to, and releasing the energy that holds this life pattern in place. In Zee's case, it was not only a pattern repeating in this lifetime but one that had come through deep time from other lifetimes and was presencing in his life today. Presencing... so that it could be seen, met... and could heal. Once this doorway opens, the energy can clear and the pattern can release and will no longer need to repeat in life.

Perhaps we can look with fresh eyes at the opportunity for healing that may be presenting in repeating life circumstances. Perhaps we can shift our perception of what happens in our life- and in our animal's life- and become more aware of the possibility that a repeating situation contains within it a gateway to profound and life-changing healing.

A gateway that is available to us soon as we are aware.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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