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Create Sanctuary... Then Follow

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Recently, I have had several clients ask for support for their feline family members who are having difficulty with tiny human additions to the family. Parents and grandparents, all seeing that their beloved cats are not in love with the new tiny human who either lives with them or visits them.

That's not to say that plenty of cats don't adore human infants and young children. Many love the smell of an infant's heads (who doesn't?!) and will vigorously lick them. Or lie beside them in their cribs. Some are very tolerant of toddlers even though their big sounds and movements are not always resonant with cat energy.

However, many cats find tiny humans to be challenging for several reasons. Feline

energy is exquisitely sensitive to sound, touch, movement, smell, frequency of energy.

Their sensitivities are part of their nature whether living in a human home or out in the natural world. Human infant energy is of a very high frequency. Their smell is quite unique. Their sounds can be startling and and their movements can be unpredictable. And toddlers are active and busy and many have not yet developed the kind of awareness of boundaries that cats appreciate. Cats like consistency and sounds and movements that resonate more with their own energetic frequency.

So, very understandable that some cats take off for the high hills when a tiny human

enters their domain. And of course, their human parents and g-parents want nothing

more than to see their feline family members resting contentedly by their sleeping or

nursing baby or hanging around and engaging when toddlers are in their zone.

To assist your feline family members- or any other animal family members who may be sensitive to tiny humans- here are some easy steps to take:

1. Preparation: Invite your cat into connecton with the one in-utero, welcoming your

cat to rest near the belly if they wish. Let your cat come into the baby's room to check

out the digs and smell everything. Share wth your feline family member the feeling of

the connection you are experiencing with the unborn/newly born baby or toddler.

And, of course, having a telepathic communication session with your beloved feline

before the baby is born can be enormously helpful.

2. Sanctuary: create soft safe sanctuary spaces for your cats in areas of your home away from the noise of babies and that toddlers can't access. A closet corner or shelf with a soft

bed or towel or blanket on it, the door partly closed. Or set up a "cats only" room.

3. Follow their lead: always let your animal family member guide you as to how ready

they may be to engage with a new family member. Have no investment in how quickly or

slowly it goes. It is essential that they decide... if, when, how relatonship can begin.

4. Practice: good for you, great for baby, cat, and and entire family. Sit in stillness for a few minutes each day. Very gently, not trying to do anything- hold the infant/child and all your animal family members in your heart, feeling the deep love you have for all of them. Enjoy the feeling of love flowing everywhere and to everyone as you relax there.

And then, over time... see what happens.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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