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Connection In Distance

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Daffys, crocuses, robins, the sounds of springtime birds. Shower and sun , everything popping! The budding of trees, greening of the landscape.

Such a lovely and exciting time of year. Life is in joyous explosion! I hope that you are immersed in the thrill and wonder of however spring is arriving for you and your animal family members and all the wild ones.

Recently, a client asked me: "How do the the Circles of Healing work? I don't quite get it. We are not even on the phone together. I know that my animal's photo is with you, how can healing happen like this?"

I am so grateful for this question. It feels like a wonderful opportunity to offer some insight and understanding about what "distance healing" is. Distance healing is about connection.

The ongoing, ever-present connection that every living being has with every other living being and that all life has in our world. On a deeper level than what we often perceive, we are energetically connected- even if we don't talk with each other, even if we are not aware of the connection. This is who we are- all living beings who are connected in myriad dimensions of energy and beyond.

Our healing connection started back when you first heard about me, first thought about calling me for a session. At that moment, a direct energetic connection opened between us and with your animal family member. It's as if a light turned on- the connection became "lit up."

From that moment forward, we are energetically connected in the greatest depth of what healing is. This connection strengthens and deepens each time we have a session together and as your animal beloveds join Circles for healing.

So, when you reserve a space in Circle, your animal family members and I are already connected with each other. Our communion will deepen each time we are together.

The Circle energy field embraces your beloved in healing. And, as your animal continues to be in Circles, s/he becomes integrated in the energy field that is Circle healing.

Always, I invite you to join in at Circle time to relax, meditate, open, receive as Circle healing energy is available to everyone. Do set aside the time to join with your animals in Circle. I would love to hear about your Circle experience.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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