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Connection Beyond Words

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Throughout the late spring and all summer, at my kitchen window, spiders create a web.

Sometimes there is one spider, sometimes two. As they grow larger, they disappear and a new tiny one appears. They utilize my kitchen light in the evening to attract insects into their web. They are amazing beings and construct their web into the most fascinating, intricate patterns. How motionlessly they sit, patiently awaiting their prey.

While honoring their need to survive and how some beings will become their nourishment, I quietly pay attention to the wordless call of those who draw my attention. Those who may have a different path in life rather than to become a spider's meal. Those who request rescue through me.

A couple of nights ago, I was called to the window and saw a moth hanging by one wing, stuck in the web. Flailing, struggling. I sensed the wordless call to rescue. I brought out my broom and ever so gently disengaged the moth's wing from the web and took the moth to my deck. Checking this little being's wing with my fingers, making sure the wing was clear of stickiness and s/he was free to fly, I stood back and wished him/her a beautiful life.

In a surprising moment, the moth turned and looked at me and immediately flew toward me and landed on my shirt. S/he crawled up my shirt and stopped only whens/he was as close to my face as possible. S/he rested there, staring at me. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and depth of the connection and the gratitude I felt from this tiny being. S/he didn't want to leave me.

After some moments of silently being together, I bid this being good night and off s/he flew. I was deeply touched by the generous act of trust this moth showed me.

Connection beyond words is happening all the time. It is part of the inner landscape of who we are as human beings and part of the same inner landscape of all beings and all life. It is available to each one of us as we quietly pay attention, listen more deeply, and allow deeper energy, deeper sensing to awaken in us and show us the wordless connections that are already present.

Let yourself be amazed at what seemingly silent connections begin to appear as you become curious about and open to engaging all living beings and life from this wordless place.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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