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Come Read About Amelia Rae

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This was written by Mary, Amelia Rae's Mom.

"Amelia Rae is a beautiful, vibrant, sweet, loving King Charles Spaniel. She has always been her own dog since the day we picked her up at 10 weeks old, when she gave my husband and me a "you've got to be kidding!" look.

I guess she took pity on us.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have been overbred and many suffer from genetic issues and, unfortunately, Amelia has dealt with several. One was a dislocation of her knee cap that required surgery. We realized that the first genetic issue might be the tip of the iceberg and wanted to be able to provide Amelia wit the best opportunity to live a good and happy life.

Gratefully, we were told about Joanna and arranged a phone session with her while Amelia was recovering from her surgery. Amelia, still being a puppy, would not ever let me talk on the phone without barking throughout the entire conversation. However, the moment I called Joanna, Amelia chose to sit silently in front of me and stayed in front of me for the entire hour!!!

Since that first session, Amelia has had several other genetic issues come up that are even more serious including one that makes her skull too small for her brain. She needed surgery for this at age 17 months. Amelia also has a heart murmur (another genetic issue) and an enlarged heart and many other non-genetic doggy issues.

Our vet specialist, when he first examined Amelia long ago, made this comment to me: "if she makes it to 10..." When I told Joanna this, her response was to "put that in a box" (on the shelf in the closet) and close the door.

We just celebrated Amelia Rae's 12th birthday! And that's how we live, meeting life with positivity.

Through all of her bumps in the road, Amelia continued to be loved, card for, and supported by Joanna through individual healing sessions and the Circles of Healing. There are times when I forget that Amelia was scheduled for a Circle healing until she reminds me by being exceptionally spunky and enthusiastic when I walk in the door from work!

Yes, Amelia moves more slowly and still has health issues, but she is totally her own dog. With all the healings, one of her medications has been successfully cut in half and her enlarged heart has improved as per her most recent echocardiagram. We absolutely love our Amelia Rae and are so grateful to that Joanna continues to help her and all of us in living a good and happy life."

Thank you Mary for sharing Amelia's beautiful and sometimes intense journey in life. It is wonderful to be with her each time in her healings and she is one miraculous and special being.

In Love & Gratitude, Joanna


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