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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Closer They Come

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

You may have been reading about this on the Internet or even in your local newspaper. How, during this Covid-19 crisis, as soon as we began to quiet our energy in the world, animals started coming closer to us. In part, perhaps, to reclaim the territory that was once theirs. And, perhaps, they are looking to change something in the way we- humans and animals- share in our world experience.

Just last week, I was reading on my patio, my feet resting on edge of the coffee table. I glanced up and noticed a squirrel walking gingerly onto the patio. As I watched, s/he walked directly toward me slowly and calmly and walked right under my legs and out the other side of the patio. Just lovely to feel this squirrel's easefulness in coming so close to a human being, as if this is how life always is- safe, close contact between species.

And, the stories go on. More and more instances of relaxed close contact between human beings and animals who usually keep distance from us.

Pointing to: that as we reduce our heightened/fast energy in the world, animals feel safer and will come forward and take the space that is truly all of ours in a peaceful and comfortable way. That if we humans tread more lightly and softly, they will live with us at whatever is right distance. That the space on our earth can be shared fairly, if we are gentle-energied with animals.

It sounds like an Eden, doesn't it. Animals and people peacefully coexisting. It's a beautiful reminder and invitation to begin to explore how to take our right relational place beside them. Not as ones who dominate, but as co-travelers on our shared planet.

Not only would a shift like this benefit animals, but it would also nourish us deeply as well-

in heart, in soul, and in our animal nature. We will be able to experience animals in ways that we never have, ways that we may have only dreamed were possible.

The longing to right our relationship with animals and open to deeper connection seems to be coming not only from those of us who love animals but from the animals themselves. They seem to want to come closer and have a different relationship with us...and will, if we can meet them with an energy that honors and welcomes them.

For the animals and for us....a great time to reawaken our (ancient) natural peaceful relationship and discover how we can walk harmoniously together on this earth.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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