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Greater Heart

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

The Circles of Healing are a unique opportunity for animal family members to receive remote focused individual healing while resting in the larger healing field alongside other animals. Many of your animal family members are regulars, coming to Circles every two weeks to receive healing.

Although Circles are a space for animals to receive healing for themselves, it is beautiful to sense how many animals want to share healing- with their family members and others.

Horatio and Gijo who are often in Circles together usually want to be side by side and support each other in healing. In his last Circle healing, Beau made it very clear that he wanted his Mom to receive healing beside him. And, since the healing energy of Circles is available to all, at Beau's invitation, his Mom was energetically present in the field with him as well.

Last week in Circle, Lily was receiving healing alongside many of her canine friends in energy. In the middle of her healing, Lily switched the healing focus- right into her heart center, opening into the space of the Greater Heart: The Unconditional Love of That Which is Greater- that which is the deeper fabric of all Life, all of us, animals and humans.

It was imminently clear. Lily did not bring healing focus there for herself, although, of course, she would receive great healing benefit. She was opening herself as a vessel for healing through the Greater Heart- for her family and for the world. Lily presenced this with awareness and grace.

We so frequently experience this with our animal family members, don't we: the enormity of their exquisite love/Greater Heart/Unconditional Love when they are with us. A natural expression through them.

And, of course, this is a natural expression in us as well. Natural for us to open to and experience Unconditional Love because we are this in the depth of who we are. And, we can consciously presence the energy of the Greater Heart and allow it to flow through us into the world...just as Lily did.

Let's join with our animal beloveds- all animals and all human beings- in opening into the healing presence of the Greater Heart. And, consciously shine it into our world. Especially right now. And for everyone.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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