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Can You Feel Your Animals Speaking?

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This may seems like an odd question: can you feel your animals speaking?

We always think of speaking as being associated with hearing- someone speaks, we hear it. And yet, can there be another possible way of hearing and speaking? Especially with those, like our animal family members, who don't share the use of our outer verbal language.

How do our animals speak? How do we hear them? Most of us feel that we understand our animal family members pretty well- so how do we do that?

Have you ever had a sense in your own body that made you wonder if something was going on in your animal's body? Or, have you ever looked at your animal's face and felt as if you heard him/her communicating with you?  

The language- deeper "language"- of all living beings is the language of energy, energy that communicates through all of the senses. The "ordinary" senses like seeing and touching and the "non-ordinary" senses like intuition and deeper knowing. 

We could say that we-and animals- feel/sense/intuit/hear and feel/sense/intuit/speak in communicating with others. We are all communicating with each other in multiple energy senses all the time.

Our animal family members are the perfect teachers to help us open in greater ways the deeper pathways of sensing/communicating. 

With all of our senses, just ask them. They will show you the way.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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