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Breaking Through Continuity

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

In one of my spiritual practice groups recently, a member spoke about how in a particular spiritual tradition miracles are called "discontinuities". In other words, they break through the continuity

of time and experience in our lives. They are something that occurs unexpectedly and out of alignment with our sense of a linear life or the way we think things are and should be. We could say that a miracle is Spirit in all Its Fullness bursting through a crack in the space/time continuum of our lives.

What's fascinating about miracles is how prevalent they actually are... in all areas of life. I see them quite frequently in working with animals. Even though animals, like us, live in continuity in their lives and enjoy knowing how things go, they haven't built up mental constructs or expectations about how things are or attachments to how things should be. They live in the greater flow of life and are much

more available for breakthroughs of Greater Energy- or miracles.

Take a look at Clyde, the handsome guy in the photo. In 2017, his human parents were

told that he had months to live after being diagnosed in severe kidney failure due to a

small, badly deformed, and failing kidney. They were advised at that time to euthanize him. We began healings on a regular basis, first with great frequency, and then, as he healed,

with lesser frequency.

Today, five years later, Clyde is a happy, energetic, healthy, and vibrant boy fully enjoying

his life and family. He receives a healing once a month now.

When he was in kidney failure, Clyde tried to balance himself as best he could. And his medical issue was greater than what he could balance. When healing was offered to him,

he was open and available and excited feeling the aliveness that sparked in his body.

Healing opens the way for extraordinary possibilities and creates the space for

That Which Is Greater to break through as healing, as miracle.

If we took an ultrasound of his kidney today, would it still look deformed? Very possibly. And, that may not be as signficant as it may seem. His kidneys are operating as vital

kidney energy, vital life force energy, and are supporting Clyde.

Clyde is a true miracle. He is living his life as his best self, as a strong and healthy being. He lives, in a sense, "defying" what the medical field had determined for him... and proving that there is something available to all beings that goes beyond the bounds of our knowledge and assumptions. Clyde is living in the new continuity of healing in life that includes kidney and whole body health and well being.

You go Clyde!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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