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Blesssing of Memory

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This poem speaks to me of the "memory" that is inside us... of who we truly are-

the Divine, That Which Is Greater-

expressed in a human life form.

How does this resonate in you?

Blessing of Memory by Jan Richardson

You were born

remembering this blessing.

It has never

not been with you,

weaving itself

nail through the threads of

each story, each dream,

Each word you spoke

or received,

everything you hoped,

each person you loved,

all that you lost

with astonishing sorrow,

all that you welcomed

with unimagined joy.

I tell you,

you bear this blessing

in your bones.

But if the day should come

when you can no longer

bring this blessing

to mind,

we will hold it

for you,

we will remember it

for you.

And when

the time comes,

we will breathe

this blessing to you’ll the last,

as you are gathered

into the place

where all that

has been lost

finds its way back

to you, where all memory

returns to you,

where you know yourself


and entirely welcomed


In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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