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At The Brink

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

I was strolling through my files the other day and stumbled upon this story I had written about Chatty. Although this happened many years ago, the connection feels as alive as if it were today.

I don't have a photo of Chatty so let's adopt this cat as Chatty's stand-in. Thank you kitty!

My work as a spiritual healer allows me the privilege of meeting and connecting with

many wonderful souls in human and animal form… like Laura, Phoebe, and Chatty.

Chatty’s life had already been a miracle. When he came to live with Laura and Phoebe, he had survived his early years on the streets including the loss of a leg.

Now living comfortably with his human family member Laura and his feline sister Phoebe, Chatty had a good life. He spent his time both indoors and out, scampering happily through the grass and trees as fast as his three legs would take him.

When Laura called me, she was in a panic. Something was terribly wrong with Chatty. He had stopped eating, was weak and lethargic, couldn’t walk without falling over, and one eye was swollen and distorted.

She had taken him to the animal emergency hospital and after extensive testing and exploratory surgery, the vets could only make a sketchy diagnosis. They speculated that Chatty was suffering from some sort of infection. They gave him antibiotics and put a

tube down his nose so that he could be nourished. Chatty’s symptoms became worse.

He appeared to be dying of something and nothing seemed to help.

Laura is a very sensitive and compassionate woman with a big heart. She harbors very tender affection and love for this little wanderer she calls Chatty. We began spiritual healing sessions for Chatty. After the first session, Chatty seemed to stabilize for a while.

He was allowed to come home. But then, quite dramatically, he declined.

In our next session, we began to uncover pieces of the puzzle of Chatty’s illness. Chatty began showing us how much he liked licking grass and trees. Laura remembered that her grass had been sprayed with chemicals and we began to suspect that Chatty had been poisoned. His symptoms seemed to fit the description of an animal who was suffering

from an overload of toxins.

Chatty became so ill that, painful as it was, Laura set a date to have him euthanized at home. We did one more healing session together. On that momentous day, for the first time, Chatty cleaned himself. Laura took that as a sign and decided to cancel the vet’s visit. Then Chatty ate a bit of food.

After our next healing, Chatty’s health greatly improved. And from that moment on, his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. He regained his strength, is eating well, playing, and enjoying life. Occasionally he still experiences slight difficulty balancing and there remains some residual swelling in his eye. And as we continue our healing work together, we feel confident that these symptoms will continue to diminish.

In my work with animals, I have found that many animals "use" the energy of spiritual healing to take themselves to a very delicate place right at the brink of life and death

before making the decision to go one way or the other. It seems that Chatty did just that.

With the healings he received, Chatty was able to move through his weakened and depleted state and rediscover his desire to live and his own innate ability to heal.

Chatty now has two miracles in his life that he can claim as his very own. His healing experience has deepened his relationship with Laura and Phoebe and has changed all of their lives.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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