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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

As They Are

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It's almost mesmerizing, isn't it. Observing animals. Whether it is our family members or the wild ones or the more microscopic ones.

How many times, after all, have you simply watched your animal family member sleep (maybe for quite a long time)- noticing the extreme adorableness of the dream twitches, or the smile on his/her face, or the humorous and surprising sounds s/he makes.

Or, watched an ant accomplish the astonishing task of moving a twig or leaf or a crumb so much bigger than s/he is over an unbelievable distance. Feeling connected to this tiny creature in his/her journey, feeling an investment in his/her achievement, and rooting for his/her success.

As we admire the beautiful, the humorous, the amazing and surprising moments in animal/insect lives, one thing becomes vitally clear: each of these beings is being exactly who s/he is. The perfect expression of ... ant, dog, deer, bird. Surprising us with their charm, cuteness, intelligence, and their ability to demonstrate capacities far beyond what we think they are capable of. An extraordinary expression of who they are- always being completely as they are.

And, doesn't it seem that each time we observe something new or different or surprising about non-human beings, we receive a beautiful life teaching for ourselves as human beings.

Seeing the animals/insects as they truly are- in their uniqueness as individuals, and in their commonality as the species they are....and as Spirit manifest precisely in each and every form. It begs the question, doesn't it: can we be fully who we are, as we are.

Can we be true to the species that we are- the human species- while continually expressing our one-of-a-kind uniqueness. And, just like our non-human brothers and sisters- revealing The One Spirit through this human form. Demonstrating to ourselves as well as to others the charming and surprising and amazing qualities and capacities that we have as human beings....inner and outer capacities that are far greater than we might ever have imagined.

Just like our animal brothers and sisters. Just like them.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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