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As Our Energy Touches

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

We all- humans and animals- are energy sensitive beings.

We are designed to notice the energy of everything. Whether it is a cool breeze on an autumn day (all of us), the sweet smell of cider simmering on the stove (us) or the scent of a preferred dinner (our animals). The touch of a soft blanket (us) or the pillowy couch or deep straw bedding (animals). We are all designed to notice the energy of our environment, each other, and all life through our senses.

And, we are designed to notice more subtle levels of energy that are the deeper aspects of who we are and what life is.

We are sensitive to the tone of the words we hear from another. Sensitive to the subtext or unstated meaning in the words we hear. And- to the energy with which these words are sent to us. We all- humans and animals- notice what is spoken and unspoken, whether we are aware of it or not, and it impacts us in direct and indirect ways.

We human beings tend to be quite a complex species. We are not always conscious of the subtle energy messages we are experiencing in ourselves or sending to others or to our animals. Animals are much more sensitized to the many subtle levels at which they are receiving our energy. And, in their beautiful honesty, they let us know the kind of energy we are putting forth- and its impact.

Have you ever found yourself speaking- too forcefully perhaps- to your feline family member....and find that s/he has a great big scowl on his/her face? Making it perfectly clear that at this moment, according to exquisitely sensitive feline sensibilities, your energy is "off", unacceptable. If we don't take this personally, but take this to heart, we can learn something about our own energy and the impact we have on our animal family members and in the animal/human relational field.

If we listen to them- our animal beloveds- and take in what they are showing us, we can learn not only about our energy- what we are sending out and what is being received- but also about how our energy touches our animals....other human beings....and the quality of energy we are putting into the world.

It can become a precious moment in which we have the opportunity to "wake up" and become conscious of who and how we are and transform ourselves into the kind of energy

we want to our families and in the world.

All...because our animals told us so.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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