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  • Writer's pictureJoanna Beth Seere, Spiritual Healing

Animals As Healing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Animals- whether they are our family members or fellow journeyers on the planet: in so many ways, we continually experience how heart opening, how healing it is to see them and be with them, whether close up or at the distance.

Whether it is feeling the joy that floods our hearts as we say good morning to our animal family members. Or the enormous love that our animals shower upon us when we arrive home. Sensing the care, concern and great healing attention our animals give us when we feel unhappy or unwell. Or feeling how our hearts burst open in simply being with our animal beloveds as they share in the joy, sorrow, and sweetness of our lives together. 

And, something magical happens inside us- doesn't it- when we share a moment in life with

a wild animal brother or sister. Awe- that we have been privileged to be in rare connection with one who lives such a different life from us. And blessed that we get to experience a precious moment with that being.

In these simple yet profound moments in our lives with animals, we can see how they are are ones who touch our hearts and souls in astonishing ways, open us to a kind o  connection that is different from our ordinary experience. 

It is a healing connection. A connection that goes beyond our usual way of relating, beyond our species differences. One that touches us in the deepest part of who we are. 

And, of course, this healing relationship goes both ways. Animals, as well, in connecting with us up close or at the distance, sense who we all are as energy beings- souls inhabiting the same planet. In these truly sacred moments, they too are touched in some way by connection with us.  

We- animals and human beings- are inextricably interconnected. Connected on the level of shared life on this planet and connected on the most essential levels- that of Soul, that of Spirit.

We are the One Spirit manifesting in myriad forms on this planet.

Recognizing that Spirit in one is Spirit in the other.

We all are healing to each other. 

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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