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And They Change Us

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

After the last newsletter in which we were looking at the always changing nature of life and animals, I received a video link from a friend. So much in alignment with this topic and completing the circle of the conversation: how animals change us.

I would imagine that you have experienced this in your life, as I certainly have in mine.

Don't we all laugh when we tell stories about how our animal family members have trained us to respond to their wants and needs, to be exactly how they need us to be in our shared lives (and we are easily trained for them, aren't we!). The awareness, the intelligence, the cleverness of our animals in how they invite (demand sometimes!) us to change. They train us, truly, to be more understanding, more attentive, more responsive, more loving, to be better human beings, not just for them but for everyone.

And, of course, in deeper and more profound ways, our animal family members open us to experience extraordinary intimacy with them and a depth of relationship that goes beyond what we may feel in many other relationships. They invite us to break our hearts open into unconditional, boundless love and a connection with them that often feels timeless...

and full of grace.

This short, charming, moving video shows the might of one little kitten- Nala- who knew that this man- Dean- was her person. She was so clear and insistent that Dean could not say "no", even though he would come to alter his life completely for her. In the simple act of saying "yes" to Nala, Dean experienced a transformation so profound that it changed him in the core of his being. Forever.

Please enjoy: Dean and Nala

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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