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And Then Life Speaks

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

My dearest beloved Taj left this earth two years ago. And my precious Jaya one year ago. Very deep losses.

After mourning lifted, I began to notice that there

were no messages, no signs, no feeling or sense of who/when/where my next feline family members were. I was aware of the great emptiness in my home and in my heart that was not called to be filled. And so I let it be, surrendering to the Greater Wisdom of Life.

Two of my dearest friends who had been planning for a while to return to their home country in Europe with their lovely 17+ year old cat Cailie (pronounced Kay-lee) had to change their plans. Where they were now headed to in Europe was an enormous trip and they would not be settled in a home for quite some time. They realized, with deeply broken hearts, that, given Cailie's age and health, it would not be fair to ask her to do this.

As soon as they told me this, my heart burst open. I was flooded with a sense of knowing and, without a thought, I told them that I would take Cailie into my home. It was clear that Cailie needed to be with me. After all, I have known her since she showed up on my friends' doorstep 17 years ago. She needed a soft landing place for her older years and my home

and I could be that for her.

Life had spoken. And it was crystal clear. It had been holding this space for Cailie all this time. No other animal could come into my home because she needed to be only cat, as

she's been her entire life, and be loved and well cared for.

In the days prior to her arrival, I began opening the energetic connection between

Cailie and her new home, preparing her for this major life transition. I became aware

that Taj's and Jaya's energies were supporting her in feeling the energy of this space.

I began walking her through all of the wonderful cat-designed places for her to enjoy.

And... here she is. Making a virtually seamless adjustment to her new home and new life. Although she deeply misses her mom and dad, she is gracefully figuring out her new digs. The moment she arrived, she courageously explored the entire house, ate and drank well, and slept on my bed. Then she decided that she owned this couch in the photo. And so it is hers. Each day she is making new strides in discovering how she sees herself in her new life and what our relationship can become.

What Life wants to teach us, it seems, is that if we allow the flow of Life, the movement of Spirit, to open in its own rhythm and timing- if we don't push- what is needed, what is right, will emerge before our eyes. We will be shown and we will know the next steps with absolute certainty.

Welcome Cailie to your new home and life and all the possibilities it holds for you!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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