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An Unfolding Process

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Being home more now for these past three months, have you noticed changes in your animal family members? Are they becoming more intimate with you, more involved in your work, expressing their thoughts and feelings more, changing their behaviors, deepening in relationship with you?

I am hearing this frequently from clients- with great delight! You may be noticing shifts, lovely openings, and feeling like your animal family member is becoming the grand 2.0 version of him/herself.

It's a beautiful truth about animals- and people: we all are a constantly evolving/unfolding process.

For several years after Jaya became a beloved family member, he would have nothing to do with "the lap." Seeing Taj on my lap- and just the thought of lap- the look of displeasure on his face, well... made me laugh. Just adorable. He loved a good scratch, but lap was not his thing.

And then one day. Without an invitation. He walked back and forth across my lap. And then, he tried a"one second sit". And then, 20 seconds. And then, 10 minutes. In that one decision that Jaya made, that one shift, our relationship exploded into an even deeper level of intimacy and connection.

Today, "the lap" is a highly prized possession. So much so that Jaya won't give it up when Taj climbs on. One look of annoyance and then a settling into the absolute joy of "lapness."

Our- animal and human- capacity to shift and change and become the next version of ourselves is inherent in our biological structure and in our energetic nature. "Becoming" is simply part of who we are. We can see it in ourselves, in our animals, in nature, in all life. We can see it everywhere... if we are looking.

And, isn't it simply gorgeous when we witness it in our animal beloved. The more we witness it, acknowledge it, support the unfolding... the more our animal will experience the joy in being received and a freedom in becoming. Becoming... within her/himself and becoming in relationship with us.

It's a wonderful time to pay attention to what's new and different in your animal family member and in your relationship. What's unfolding and becoming. Be sure to email and let me know what you are noticing!

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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