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Always Changing

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

It's April and spring is (just about) here! In the East, we have been on a very slow and chilly walk out of winter, and yet spring is showing her signs. This past weekend, the peepers emerged- those little tree frogs with wildly loud voices who always announce spring with great accuracy. It's a thrilling moment when we finally hear them.

Spring, when she fully arrives, is a pretty dramatic change. The birds excitedly call out her presence. The crocuses burst forth out of the ground, daffys and buds pop into sight, quite all at once. It is a glorious announcement of a new moment in nature's unfolding.

An expression of the continual emergence that is nature/life in every moment.

And our animal family members. Aren't they changing, evolving, announcing their newness as well... all the time. Sometimes in dramatic ways, sometimes in very subtle ways.

Recently I moved. I had been preparing my feline beloveds Jaya and Taj for quite a while, not only about the event itself but also helping them see/feel/sense our new home. What was stunning to see was the dramatic shift they made immediately upon entering our new residence.

In our former home, when workmen or even friends and family came in, Taj preferred to retire to her closet sanctuary and Jaya would gently remove himself, both coming out but often at a later time. In our new home, they instantly made a new decision- choosing to remain planted on the living room couch whenever anyone arrives- even workmen with big shoes! They send a clear message to visitors- "this is our home and you are welcome to come in." Such a significant shift, of their own volition, in how they are wanting to express themselves and be seen in their new home: front and center and in all of their beauty.

Our animal family members can and will surprise us, always revealing who they are becoming as the next and more glorious version of themselves. Sometimes in very obvious ways, like Jaya and Taj, and sometimes in tiny little ways that will require our close attention to notice. They will demonstrate to us that they are/life is an ever-evolving, constantly shifting movement of energy that has the potential to become, subtly or radically, different and new in each and every moment.

Seasons become, animals become, we become....all is alive in infinite possibility and enormous potentiality as the ever-shifting, ever-changing, evolving nature of life. Something we can look forward to- and something we can always count on.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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