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A Delicious Cappuccino

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Cappuccino's Mom was devastated when she contacted me. Her beloved horse, Cappy for short, was struggling with advanced ringbone, a painful and debilitating arthritis of the pastern bones of the lower legs. The barn manager told her that she felt that Cappy was in too much pain, walking and standing were too hard. Even on a high dose of anti-inflammatories, she had no relief. The barn manager felt that she should be "put down".

When Cappy and I began healings at the end of November, she made it imminently clear that she was not going to agree to being released from her body. Even with the pain she was experiencing, she was forward-looking, positive, wanting to live life in the biggest possible way.

Cappy has been receiving twice weekly healings and she is making wonderful progress. She is vibrant and full of life and her bright and sassy personality has returned.

Some updates from Cappy's Mom:

"Cappy was so animated and talking up a storm. She’s so aware of everything around her. She moved around the stall without hesitation. She didn’t seem uncomfortable or in pain."


"I was observing them (Cappy and sis Missy) from outside their paddock. It was so mild that they were all grazing on the remnants of grass. It was getting close to PM feeding time and I wanted to see what would happen when it was time to go back to the barn. As Cappy was walking in the field I was noticing that her limp was rather pronounced, but as soon as she noticed the person at the gate she cantered all the way and was the first to the gate!"

And... after that:

"Attitudinally she seems to be more consistently in a very good place. She doesn’t seem to let her chronic condition get her down. She’s sassy and throws her head as though she were saying “I’m Bad!”. I’d say she shows a joie de vivre. We reduced her bute (anti-inflammatory medication) and the consensus from her caregivers is that she showed no signs of more discomfort."

Although Cappy was uncomfortable at her foot trimming the other day and the muddy ground may be contributing, two days later, this is what her Mom wrote:

"On Sunday I spent some time with my girls. I grazed Cappy and took her for a walk around the outside of the barn and the indoor ring. She seemed to be very comfortable walking. Her limp was very minimal. I was happy to find that the soreness she was feeling on Friday had passed."

Cappy may have some days when she is sore and she always seems to turn around with a little healing support.

You may have this remaining question about Cappy's healing journey:

Does the barn manager still think Cappy should be released from her body? Not a word about that since we began healings.

Overall, Cappy is living as balanced and as well as she can be with a very difficult condition. She is eager for healing each time we connect remotely. She seems to understand the process of healing and she loves to see how she feels after each healing. She is an absolute joy to be with.

Cappy is a beautiful example of how healing can help an animal. First, a huge shift in her energy- a re-enlivening of her personality, her brightness and joy, her charm and uniqueness. Then the body energy begins to open and change in positive ways.

As we continue healings, the possibilities of living more comfortably and joyfully are endless for Cappy... and for any animal receiving healing.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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