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A Deep Honoring

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

Barbara Ann Brennan, internationally renowned founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, made her transition from this earth two days ago. Barbara was a pioneer in the world of spiritual healing leaving her prestigious job with NASA and following her heart and her guidance to open a healing school in the days when spiritual healing was not well known in our world.

I was with the school in its budding days- when Barbara was the sole teacher and had a few assistant teachers. All of our time was spent with Barbara in that first year, experiencing the astonishing depth of her gifts and capacities as a healer and teacher.

The healing school program was a four year training of enormous intensity, challenging each one of us to our core. Upon graduation, I was invited into the teachers training program and Barbara bestowed upon me the great privilege and extremely challenging opportunity of being sole teacher to thirty students in the third year program. It was “trial by fire” learning to teach such a large class on my own and it catapulted me into a kind of teachership that has been the base of all my teachings over the years. A few years later, she again honored me by offering me the position of mentor to the teachers on the third year team, supporting them in their growth, development, and teachership.

I spent eleven years with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and I feel extraordinarily grateful and blessed to have been guided to enter the school and to have been supported by Barbara in my journey in becoming a spiritual healer and teacher of healing.

Bowing deeply to you Barbara, today and every day. Honoring you as a bravely fierce woman and pioneer and as a carrier of Great Light on our earth. You are with me always, dear Barbara, in great love and appreciation.

This is from Barbara's book, "Seeds of the Spirit", published in 2003.

"The twenty-first century is about learning love and learning how love works. The twenty-first century is about transfiguration, about holding the extreme opposites that exist all over the planet that can be experienced as degrees of separation within each individual.

When you find it difficult to experience the tremendous opposites that are held on the planet now and the terrible dualistic rhetoric over all of the communication systems, can you sit in wholeness? Can you erase the word terrible? Can you go into the degrees of separation within yourself, find it in your body, find the self-judgment that holds those degrees of separation within you? Bring them to your heart. It is through that process that you will find it possible to choose unity in a world threatened by war, by physical harm, by misunderstanding, by blame, by prejudice, by life-threatening pandemic illness, or even threatened by the ideas of world calamity, threatened by ideas of earth calamities.

Chaos is here to challenge duality. Chaos speaks of duality, and the fear within you recognizes the duality rather than the tremendous change, the tremendous challenges to your dualistic belief systems. That is what chaos is challenging. Can you hold unity in worlds of chaos? Can you choose love? If not, focus inward to the degrees of separation within you and bring them to unity.

Healing begins with the individuation process of focusing and rooting into the core. Healing begins with each individual's pleasurable creative force of life. Choose pleasure, choose love, choose wholeness, choose clear intention, choose who you truly are and stop living who you think you are from the perspective of duality. It is simply not true. Follow your individual path that is you. Follow your truth. If you want to know if it is your truth or not, know that truth never harms another or yourself. If there is any possibility of harm in what you call your truth or your choice for yourself or another then it simply is not your truth. Meditate to bring into unity the degrees of separation within yourself.

Living the life of the miraculous, living a holy life means one of quiet, sweet surrender, of standing in truth and the power of unity. True surrender is to the divine within you, not to something outside of you. True surrender is to the timeless, limitless love within your heart. True surrender is to you, your greater being."

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna

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