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2020 Healing Highlights!

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend, As we head toward the end of the year, it's a wonderful time for reflections. In the midst of a year that may have been the hardest we have ever faced in our lifetime, beautiful healings have occurred for so many animals in the Spirit to Spirit family. Enjoy reading about these lovely beings as told by their human moms and dads.

Kim shares... "My beautiful boy Eli became sick in the summer of 2019 and crossed the rainbow bridge in August 2019. It was heartbreaking to lose Eli and doubly heartbreaking to witness his brother Zac's mourning process. Zac had never spent a moment without Eli by his side. It was as if Zac lost a part of himself. He spent many days following Eli's death meowing, vocally expressing his grief. I believe he was communicating with Eli in his own way, telling him how much he missed him. Zac continued to participate in Circles for healing in the months that following Eli's death

(he currently still is a happy Circle member). It has been a beautiful gift witnessing Zac's transformation and his process of coming into his own over the past fifteen months. I named Zac after the angel of surrender because of his more high-strung and anxious behavior. His name- Zacharael- means "the remembrance of God." Through the support of Circle healings, Zac has become calmer, more grounded in his being, and more affectionate as well. I know that his Eli is with us in Spirit and is happy to see his little brother

shine so brightly."

Susan reports...

"My little William is a long-haired Chihuahua and he's been by my side since he was a tiny puppy. I noticed the last year or so that he was drinking excessive amounts of water. His blood work showed that his kidney levels were outside the normal range and my vet diagnosed him with early stage chronic kidney disease.

So, of course, it was time to bring out my army of helpers. Having worked with Joanna for over 20 years, she was the first person I called. Joanna has helped me with so many of my pets- including tiny birds, a four foot iguana, and a 95 pound rescue.

We scheduled several one-on-one sessions with William over the course of the next two months. Then I got his blood work checked again. My vet was elated at the fact that now his numbers showed normal kidney function. She couldn't figure it out, but there it was!

I was elated too and noticed another side effect of his sessions with Joanna. William ran when we walked, encouraged playtime, and zoomed around the house every morning like a little puppy!

Periodically I've noticed William go back to drinking a little too much water and so I'll continue to have him participate in the Circles or have individual sessions with Joanna. One thing that hasn't changed is that my little guy continues zooming and playing like a puppy. He know that we're doing the right thing and he feels good!"

Eric updates...

"My 16 year old male cat, Jonahmoo, has been dealing with several serious health issues over the past year, including several types of cancer as well as kidney disease. He is doing well thanks to amazing veterinarians and the tremendous support provided by Joanna's healings. Joanna has supported Jonahmoo in both acute (e.g,. post-surgery) and "maintenance" periods. I firmly believe that Joanna's healings have really helped Jonahmoo fight through his challenges. Joanna shows a genuine concern and affection for Jonahmoo which tells me that I have found the right person to help."

Susan observes...

"I have been consulting with Joanna for all my animals for over twenty years. She has been my guide and comfort when I needed advice on how to interpret their behavior, how to best meet their needs, and how to gracefully and lovingly let them go when it's time. Joanna understands the energetic and spiritual journey of the animals and their purpose.

My 3 1/2 year old orange tabby Gingy has been very active at night and I now understand that his instinctual energy and power are part of who he is. He is very attuned to the dawn and dusk hours as fits his feline nature. Sushi, my quiet and shy orange tabby, invites a more meditative approach to tap into his catness. As for Ziggy, my little girl kitty, I now understand her observing nature, her need to explore her boundaries, and her need for affection. I always get more insight into my animal companions and feel so much gratitude for sharing their lives with me. My cats and I thank Joanna for all that loving guidance."

Barbara shares... "Gijo and his litter mate and life-long companion Mojo were both diagnosed with intestinal cancer in April of 2017 (Mojo passed July 2018). They were given steroids and special food. I thought they had four months to live at the outside. I found Joanna through a friend. Our first session was miraculous. About two weeks after they started sessions with Joanna, my cat sitter texted me and asked me what I was doing for the cats- the difference was palpable. It's been 3 3/4 years since Gijo's diagnosis. He has been participating in Circles daily and receives individual healings and he comes to see me when he is done. His energy is always better and even when he has a slower week, the healing visibly helps him. Joanna tells me that he likes to go first. I think it's because he wants to show other animals how it is done. It might be because since Mojo left, he has been the alpha cat in our household. He likes that and is probably extending that to the healing process as well. He is, after all, a long-term beneficiary of healings with Joanna."

Many thanks to you, moms and dads, for taking the time to write about your kids and their extraordinary healing journeys.

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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