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Welcome to Spirit to Spirit!

I'm delighted that you're visiting my website. You and I have a great love for animals. And I know that your love has brought you here.


Perhaps your animal family member is facing a challenge in life and is in need of healing. Perhaps you want to know your animal family members better, experience who they truly are and what their lives are like beyond what you can see.  

I invite you to consider the possibility of spiritual healing and interspecies communication as a way to open greater understanding and connection between you and your animal family members and to bring healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels into their lives.

Spiritual healing and deeper communication can change all of your lives in most profound ways.

If I can help you and your animal family members in any way, please contact me.

       Joanna Beth Seere 
    spiritual healing......for animal beings, for human beings
             interspecies communication
               training  ~  mentoring 
Allow me to help you and your animal family members with: 

Deepening your loving connection    

Health challenges: illness, accident, injury, surgery

Emotional/behavioral difficulties

Animal/human relationships

Animal/animal relationships

Life changes: new family members, moving, vacation…

The transition from life process

Bereavement support for human & animal family members

for your animal

For Your 

(At age 14, Gita was diagnosed with a large mass in her spleen. The only form of “treatment" she has received in these past 16 months is weekly healing sessions)

"Gita is doing great! She is running, barking and playing, always seems so bouncy, bright and happy. She eats all her food and licks her bowl. She now runs upstairs to the bed. She herds her pack and has restarted initiating rough housing. 


The vet asked us what we were doing for her- and we said…she is receiving healings! We really believe the healings are helping her maintain this level of health and joy. Thank you for everything!"  

- Rich & Sharon Mayer, Teaneck NJ

Healing Circles
Circles offer a space for healing that can support your animal family member in living in the deepest possible balance in life, whether s/he is in great health and well-being or facing a challenge in life.
Individual Training Program
Do you long to connect with your animals more deeply? To feel, hear, see and sense them as they truly are, in the deepest part of themselves?
Do you work with animals as a healer, communicator, trainer, shelter worker, in any capacity- and need support and guidance in your work? 
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