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Unheard Songs

Dear Spirit to Spirit friend,

This is my first spring in my new home. Although it is in the same town that I have lived in these past nearly 16 years, I am on the other side of town now. As the birds returned this spring and made themselves known through their vibrant songs, I began to notice so many new voices, voices I had not heard before. Each day I've been amazed listening to all the different sounds and songs and conversations. I find myself calling out..."and who are you?" each time I hear someone's voice I am not yet familiar with.

It made me ponder. How could there be so many different species of birds on one side of town and not the other? Do these species of birds live only on this side of town? Here on this side where we have more wetlands and we are closer to the Appalachian Trail?

Or... do all these species of birds live equally everywhere and somehow I missed them at my former home. Were some species more in the background there and now they are in foreground- and, in this new environment, I am able to clearly distinguish their tones and patterns and the quality of their sounds.

How much of nature/life is always emerging in its myriad expressions that we are either not noticing or noticing only in a smaller way. How much nature/life exists under our radar, and that in order to perceive it, we would need to.... lean in more deeply, listen more closely, sense in more subtle ways.

And, of course, the same is true for our animal family members. In all of their wonder and beauty, how much of their multifaceted natures are we letting ourselves see/feel/sense/experience. From the physical to the mental/emotional to the subtle to the spiritual. What if we become more interested in what is less revealed in our animals than what is most apparent. Their deeper, more subtle aspects are, actually, always revealing themselves- right here, right now...just waiting to be we open our eyes to see them, open our senses to feel them.

Just as the birds invite us in through their sounds and songs, our animal family members are always welcoming us to take that next and deeper step in seeing them/meeting them in the fullness of their exquisite complexity and uniqueness. What unexpected and surprising new discoveries will we make about our animal family members if we let them take us in to the depth of who they truly are, into their more subtle and less revealed nature.

We need only be curious....and ask to be shown....

In Gratitude & Love, Joanna


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